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Discount Organic, Innerspring, & Memory Foam Austin Mattresses | SleepWorld

Discount Organic, Innerspring, & Memory Foam Austin Mattresses

Discount Mattress in Austin, Tx

Discount Mattress in Austin, Tx

SleepWorld has a comprehensive Austin mattress selection, offering just about every type of mattress you can imagine.  During our early years, we resold many of the leading national brands.  However, many of our customers requested custom mattresses we didn’t have in stock.  So finally, we decided to construct our own manufacturing plant so we could provide you with what you wanted.

Since its opening, we’ve been able to continually refine our technique, to the point where you now receive much more mattress at a much lower price than the competition can offer.  Now, we like to say you receive “twice the mattress for half the price.”  Some of the products we offer include:

  1. Memory foam mattresses.  The latest addition to our memory foam mattresses is a top layer of Frost Cool Gel Foam.  If you’re the type who’s always hot at night, this foam helps you stay cooler than ever before.
  2. Innerspring mattresses.  The Lura-Flex designed innerspring system is the best in the industry.  The spring strengthens as it compresses, providing your body with perfect support.
  3. Organic mattresses.  Allergies can take all of the pleasure and enjoyment out of your sleep.  Our organic mattresses are made with 100% organic covers and wool cushioning to ensure you aren’t exposed to any allergy-causing entities.

Selection isn’t the Only Reason We’re One of the Top Mattress Stores in Austin

While we have a great Austin mattress selection, we also realize we can’t meet everyone’s demands.  We’re happy to produce a custom-sized mattress, and if you’re not happy with the softness of your mattress, we’ll make it harder or softer for you for free.  But, make sure you try it out for 60 days first!